Year 2000, United Nations has established several quarantine zones around the world to stem the tide of an unknown virus pandemic, they are succeed but at a great cost.

       Shortly after the containment rumor began to spread, the tale of the survivors trapped inside the quarantine zones, the cause of the virus and the leaking footage of reanimate infected corpse roaming the street, but no solid evidence can be found.

       In order to find the cure and the origin of this infection, United Nations deployed dozens of military, medical and scientific team into the quarantine zones.

       During the mission, one of the medical team found a very important clue in the blood sample from a dead livestock in the quarantine zone and several images of infected corpses in the area. 

       But before the team can evacuate. Their outpost has been attacked and overrun by thousand of infected corpses, the whole medical staff and their security team were killed to a man leaving all the sample and research data behind.

       Not intend to send another team to meet the same fate, United Nations called upon Private Military Company, a highly skilled mercenaries to retrieve the data and uncover the secret of the zone where no one ever come back to tell the tale.


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